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Your name is DAVE. You have a variety of INTERESTS. But that’s only to be expected from such a fly guy like yourself. You enjoy spitting out IRONIC ELECTRONIC BEATS on your TURNTABLES and MUSICAL GEAR. Like a fucking hipster you like to SPEW NONSENSE ABOUT BANDS NO ONE LIKES BUT YOU. You secretly are a AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER like the 13 YEAR OLD HIPSTERS on your choice blogging website called TUMBLR. Being the cool guy you are, you keep up on a number of SOCIAL NETWORKS and occasionally please your fans by dropping your business onto NUMEROUS BLOGGING PLATFORMS.

Pesterchum handle (real pesterchum): turntableGodface

((This is my Dave Strider RP page. Read this if you want to roleplay with me, for it will give you a good example of how do things.))
((Intro notes: I’ve only started roleplaying as dave. But I personally find him to be the most interesting character in Homestuck in the way he takes the visual road to talk in normal conversation. So expect me to use metaphors and the like as roleplaying as him.))


  • Smut
  • Excruciatingly long Roleplay logs, unless you message me in advance about it.
  • For the most part this is a casual RP blog

Examples of me just writing random shit you should expect to see when I roleplay as dave:

EB: dave! how are you?
TG: hey man i feel like a face with a wet weekend, just miserable
TG: like the rain of another planet just went out of its way to come and trail me around
TG: making me feel like shit and pummle me into someones gutters
TG: and then I get flushed out onto the road
TG: and down into some muddy drain never to be heard from again

GG: hey dave!!
TG: hey jade what’s going on with you
GG: dave im so happy! john just gave me the best birthday present!
TG: oh really what did he get you
GG: a shiny new bazooka. the head is sharp and ready to shoot!
TG: haha you must feel like a dog with two tails
GG: yep!
TG: just make sure not to get around me with that thing okay
GG: hehe, dave you know I wouldnt shoot you with it! its just for bad guys
TG: yeah but you never know that thing could just get a mind of its own one day
TG: decide to morph into a motherfucking trigger happy lunatic and shoot me from all the way across the room
TG: so just to be safe
GG: aww you’re not fun dave! but okay, if you say so

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